Month: March 2017

Food Diary – I’m still trying

I keep seeing a advert on TV for Nana’s magic soup. It’s a tesco advert and I thought I’d give it a go. So yesterday I bought all the ingredients and came home and made it and again to my surprise it was really… Continue Reading “Food Diary – I’m still trying”

Health update – New Med Regime – So far So Good

I haven’t posted for a while in detail about my ┬áhealth issues and transition, so as I am sitting at the laptop downloading pictures and stuff I thought I would write about what’s been going on in a bit more detail. In January I… Continue Reading “Health update – New Med Regime – So far So Good”

Food diary – Another update

Once again I’ve been a bit slack on a few things but I’ve been really struggling with disassociation and binge eating. I’ve been trying so hard to get on top of it all and I’ve been stressing out so much. Stressing out has been… Continue Reading “Food diary – Another update”