Month: September 2017

Week 4 on T – Video blog

Transition update – Week 4 on T

Today I had my 2nd testosterone injection and I did it by myself, the nurse guided me through it. It was pretty simple to do and didn’t hurt at all. Feels good to have had my second injection and I’ve got all I need… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 4 on T”

Update – A bit of everything

I’ve been on and off the laptop all day doing one thing or another and I’m still on here just messing around, googling random things, as ya do and looking up stuff. It’s been a pretty good start to the week, I had all… Continue Reading “Update – A bit of everything”

Week 3 on T – Video blog

Week 3 on T video blog, I talk about loads in this video as I’m feeling really good about myself Peace out Batman

Week 2 on T – video blog

Week 2 on T of my video blog, I remember this being long as I was ranting about something or other. Peace out Batman

Week 1 on T – video blog

Week 1 on T video, I don’t remember much of what I said but I don’t like listening back to myself. Peace out Batman

Pre T video

So following my last post (3 weeks on T) I’ve had a shower and I’m feeling all fresh I decided to upload the videos I’ve made so far just of me talking about all things transition related and just my life in general. This… Continue Reading “Pre T video”

Transition update – Week 3 on T

Today is week 3 of being on T and I’m due my next injection next Tuesday. I am feeling pretty good right now, I feel a peacefulness inside that I haven’t felt before and it feels good. I feel more confident in myself too,… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 3 on T”

Transition update – Two weeks on T

Well I didn’t get to update yesterday as I didn’t have to opportunity to sit down and write and I was going to write earlier on today but ended up sorting out things on the 2 Facebook groups that I created. One of them… Continue Reading “Transition update – Two weeks on T”