Transition update – Two weeks on T

Well I didn’t get to update yesterday as I didn’t have to opportunity to sit down and write and I was going to write earlier on today but ended up sorting out things on the 2 Facebook groups that I created. One of them is getting really popular now and it has nearly 2000 members, which is just absolutely incredible. I didn’t think my little group I created 2 years ago would even take off let alone have nearly 2000 members in it. But now it is the size it is, it takes up a bit of time to monitor what’s going on.

Right now I don’t want to write for too long because I have to up early tomorrow as I have a safeguarding training course, that I have to do as part of my voluntary work for Dorset Mind. I have to be there at 9:15 am and on the bus it will take about an hour but the train wont take as long. There has been disruptions on the train lines so I’ll have to wait and see in the morning to see if there will be any delays. So right now I don’t know how I’m going to get there yet.

I really need to try and get an early night as recently I’ve seen to have fallen into the habit of getting to bed past midnight and then not waking up until 9-10 am. Then I struggle to get myself going because I feel all groggy and tired. I need to get back into a better routine in general, I was doing well but I’m not sure where things got messed up.

Anyway on to the transition update, so it has been two weeks since I had my first testosterone injection and I’ve started to notice some changes. The first change and the most noticeable one is my face is super greasy, as it my neck, chest and shoulders. It’s so gross and I swear I never had this issue as a teenager, I’ve been super lucky and always had good skin. So this maybe a small change but for me its pretty huge as I don’t remember going through this in my first puberty.  I kinda feel like I’ve got sun cream on, especially on my chest and shoulders as it feels a bit sticky, which doesn’t feel good but its a good sign that things are changing and something I’m sure I’ll get used too.

The other change is my voice, its a really minor change but my best friend said I sound like I have a sore throat when I talk, even though I don’t. My throat doesn’t hurt when I talk but it does certainly feel different, although that’s hard to articulate in what way my throat feels different it just does.

I don’t think my face looks any different though, other then the shine from the grease that’s always on it lol.

How do I feel? Um I’m not overly sure really because I’ve had a lot of non transition stuff happening, so its a bit difficult to tell. But over all I feel happy and it feels good to finally be on a path where I feel like I know where I’m heading, I know there’s a start and a end so to speak. It just feels right and I feel like I am finally doing something right and hopefully at the end of it all I’ll be a better version of myself.

IMG_2991 2 weeks on T

^ two weeks on T picture

But yeah that’s it for this blog, I need to get stuff ready for my course tomorrow.

Peace out



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