Month: October 2017

Transition update – Week 10 on T

10 week on T today! woohoo! two weeks until my 4th T shot, so exciting. Had my haircut today so feeling pretty fresh, I just feel absolutely wiped out and a tad snotty today. I so hope I don’t have a cold or anything…

Transition update – Week 9 on T

So its week 9 on T and in this post I’m gonna post this weeks picture and video blog as I don’t feel I have much to say really this week, mainly because my mood is pretty low today. I’m not even sure where…

Transition update – Week 8 video blog

I managed to do a video a bit earlier in the day! Woohoo! so you can actually see me. Talk about a bit of everything as usual in this video Peace out Batman

Transition update – Week 8 on T

Week 8 on T and I did my 3rd shot today solo, it was pretty exciting and went really well. I was a little nervous about doing it but I just got on with and it was pretty easy, a tad fiddly but apart…

Transition update – Week 8 on T – 3rd T shot

So I’m 8 weeks on T and today I did my 3rd T shot solo, this is the video I recorded. So yeah here’s the video…and my ass lol Peace out Batman

Transition update – Week 7 on T video blog

Feeling pretty good this week, I ramble on a lot in this video about life and different things. Some of which I mentioned in my previous blog.   Peace out Batman

Transition update – Week 7 on T

Well its a week before my 3rd testosterone injection, I can’t believe its come around so quickly, I’ve barely caught up with myself yet. The next injection I will be doing solo, so pretty nervous but excited for next week. Anyway back to this…