Transition update – Week 8 on T

Week 8 on T and I did my 3rd shot today solo, it was pretty exciting and went really well. I was a little nervous about doing it but I just got on with and it was pretty easy, a tad fiddly but apart from that all went well.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next lot of changes from this injection.

As I’ve been sat here this evening, I’ve been looking up for a small desk and chair for my laptop, as sitting on my sofa trying to type isn’t very comfortable. So after I’ve finished this I’m going to measure up the little space that I have in mind, I may have to move a few bits around but that’s cool. I really need a proper little desk if I am going to write more often I need to be relatively comfortable. I’m hoping I can go pick it up tomorrow after slimming world.

Anyway not much really to say this week transition wise, I haven’t noticed anything new. Still feeling an internal peace which is cool.

Apart from my T shot today, I haven’t really done anything. I woke up feeling dizzy, absolutely exhausted and in so much pain. I dragged myself to the dentist to get 2 fillings done, I dragged myself home and just slumped onto the sofa and slept for a bit. I felt so much better afterwards, still have a weird groggy feeling today though. Can’t wait to get to bed

Week 8 on T

That’s all for now,

Peace out


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