Transition update – Week 9 on T

So its week 9 on T and in this post I’m gonna post this weeks picture and video blog as I don’t feel I have much to say really this week, mainly because my mood is pretty low today.

I’m not even sure where to start right now, I can’t really concentrate on anything, I don’t really want to do anything, I just wanna lay down and zone out. Plus there’s a police helicopter that’s been circling around for ages, so irritating.

I think the honeymoon period of being on T is over, which is fine I suppose its inevitable really, which is maybe why I feel low, but it could be the change in seasons too. It could be just my bipolar acting up, its hard to tell what exactly is the cause of the low but whatever.

Meh, I can’t even think right now so I’m going sign off. Just waiting for my video to upload.

Week 9 on T


Peace out


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