Transition update – Week 10 on T

10 week on T today! woohoo! two weeks until my 4th T shot, so exciting. Had my haircut today so feeling pretty fresh, I just feel absolutely wiped out and a tad snotty today. I so hope I don’t have a cold or anything but I totally feel like I might…urgh lol.

Its Halloween today! and on Saturday I had a party with my bro, my sister in law and my two lil nephews, my best friend and her boys and my other best friend. It was good fun, especially the apple bobbing, which was so funny.

The clocks went back this weekend so that always messes me up but on the flip side the weather has suddenly got loads cooler, FINALLY! so that’s good. I like the cooler weather.

My facial hair is coming along nicely getting all fuzzy now. I think it helps having dark hair. I am considering having my first shave but I’m apprehensive about it, not the shaving it self but I don’t wanna draw attention to myself, I don’t like being seen when I’m out and about on my own. I don’t potentially want people thinking I’m a freak or whatever cuz I’m the “girl” that shaves… that’s my only concern. I just need to get over that fear. It will happen at some point, its just a case of when.

I’ve not noticed any different changes then I’ve already had over the last few weeks, well I’m way more horny then usual.. which is weird cuz when I came out as trans my sex drive was like dead and now its revving up again! so yeah that’s urm interesting lol!

I will leave it on that note…..

This weeks pics are below


Week 10 on T

Face hair week 10 on T

^ my facial fuzz is coming along nicely


Peace out


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