Transition update – Week 13 on T – Part 2

I knew I’d forgotten to write about something in yesterday’s blog, but I just remembered last night before I went to bed…as you do.

On a Monday I do my two medication boxes up for the week, so I know what I’m taking etc. Anyway I decided to stop taking my contraceptive pill, as last week I’d finished the pack and I’ve had my 4th testosterone injection so I thought it would be the perfect time.

What made me remember that I’d forgotten to write about it was going to the toilet before I went to bed and I did have a bit of blood when I wiped but that was it and this morning was the same. Which is cool with me as long as its not a full on shark week (period) My stomach does feel a bit bloated like it would on shark week, I think I’m just going to see how it goes and if I do start having a proper shark week then my body obviously isn’t ready to be off it just yet, which again is totally cool.

I don’t find this that difficult to talk about, because its something my body just does and I have some sort of control of it by taking the contraceptive pill. Its not something I really like happening but I also can’t deny my body either, it is what it is.

That was all I really wanted to say about it, I will maybe update in a few days if things don’t work out but fingers crossed it will. It will be nice to be down 1 medication, 1 less to worry about.

Peace out


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