Transition update – Week 14 on T

This won’t be a long blog today because I am in so much pain with my hip and I got other things I need to do before I go out later.

The only changes I’ve noticed this week is that the hair on my cheeks are starting to get a bit darker and fluffier which is cool.

Also being off the contraceptive pill is going well so far, last week I had a tiny bit of break through bleeding and a bit of a bloated stomach. But that’s all gone now which is good, so I’m hoping that will be that and I can be one pill down for good.

Urgh my head hurts today, everything hurts… I haven’t really had time to check in with how I feel because the pain that I’m in is just so bad I can’t really think about anything else. Going to take some pain killers soon and try and get a bit of rest before I’m off out again.

Week 14 on T

^This weeks picture

^This weeks video

Peace out


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