Transition update – Week 18 on T

Week 18 on testosterone landed on Boxing Day, I just about had time to do a short video but that was it.

I had a great Christmas day at my brothers and yesterday I had a good day with my friends.

I can’t believe its two weeks since my last shot and two weeks until my next. I think my voice is finally starting to change and is a bit more noticeable now, which is cool. My nephew was sat next to me the other day and he got right in my face and said omg Dyllan you’ve got a beard. It was so funny!

I haven’t really checked in with how I’ve been feeling so I’ve got no idea, I’ve just been trying to ignore how I feel and have a good time. I’m sure once everything gets back to normal, I’ll be able to check in with how I feel.

I’ve spent all my Christmas money and some more lol but was worth it. Got the two hoodies and top that I’ve been after for ages. I got the Lego Ninjago movie game today but I bought trainers…not in the sale lol and not with Christmas money…oops but I needed some new ones. So I feel good for treating myself, oh I also got the Blurt Foundation self care book and its really good. It will good to use in the Dorset Mind groups.

I got a letter from the gender clinic the other day to say they’re changing my appointment in April to July! which I am super pissed off about. This appointment is for my first consultation for top surgery, I wouldn’t mind if it got changed for like a month but 3 months takes the piss. My last appointment got changed twice! so I’m gonna be pissed if they do that with this appointment. My chest causes me the most pain and anxiety! I want this sorted. But I’ll ring in the new year and see why they changed it and if there’s anything they can do. I’ll see if I can plead my case.


Week 18 on T

^ This weeks picture

^ This weeks video

Peace out


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