Transition update – Week 42 on T

Where to start, everything is going well at the moment. I’m feeling good and things are moving forward.

Tomorrow I have my fasting blood test for my T levels first thing and by the end of the week I should know if my levels are ok or not. I’m still not sure if they are completely right or not but we shall see.

A big thing happened this week, after the group I volunteer at I had an appointment to have my wild hair cut. I needed to change my top as I wear a certain top to get my haircut. I was in the local library and I decided to go into the men’s toilets to change, as I knew it would be pretty quite. Its the first ever time I’ve been in the men’s toilet! I felt pretty proud of myself. It was a bit scary but I’m so pleased I did it! Another big step in my transition, I’m so happy to be moving forward.

I won’t be writing a blog next week as I’ll be away for 5 days, I’m super excited!

Week 42 on T

^ This weeks picture

^ This weeks video

Peace out


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