A day in a life of a trans guy – Gender Identity Clinic

Woohoo 🙌🏻 I’m on the coach home! And it’s not raining hard, so glad I missed the downpour.

Appointment at the gender clinic went really well, the doctor was super friendly, really nice and proactive.

First of all she’s going to write to my GP and say I should be having a ECG and bone density scan once a year not just because of testosterone but because of my other medications and she wants to make sure everything is properly kept an eye on which is great.

She’s also going to say that I can do my testosterone injections myself, as my gp decided that it wasn’t protocol for me to do so…. even though that’s exactly why I chose sustanon in the first place. Just makes life easier.

But the big news is that she said that top surgery is undoubtedly what I need 😁 so that’s my first yes!!!

The downside is that my next appointment could be between 6-12 months 😭 but she’s going to speak to the doc who gave me my second yes for testosterone, to discuss what he thought when I saw him and what she thought of our appointment today then he could potentially give me my second yes for top surgery, which means I won’t need a second appointment. So I’m hoping he’ll agree with her and it will be straight forward.

All I have to do is pick a surgeon 😁

Im feeling optimistic about not having to have a second official appointment! So fingers crossed peeps ☺️

I really hope I don’t have to wait for a second appointment as I need this surgery so bad! Literally my life depends on it. I know it won’t cure the dysphoria but it will help me start to accept my body as it is, which will help me feel happier and more comfortable in my own skin.

Some people will think its elective surgery which in a sense it is. But to me it’s essential to my whole being.

I’ve wanted this for so so long, since before I came out as trans, I’ve never liked having female attributes, ever since puberty. I just never understood it.

My body has never felt like it belonged to me, it felt and still feels somewhat alien to me. But with chest surgery then hopefully I’ll actually feel like I belong in this skin of mine.

I know I’m already the real me, I just can’t wait to feel like the real me.

Peace out


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