Self care – toxicity purge

I haven’t written in about 4 months and I feel it, it’s all inside. So here is a long over due blog post… enjoy 🙂

I feel like I need to vomit everything out.

I feel like I need to purge myself of everything.

I’m holding on to too much shit that no longer serves me.

I want to write more, read more, create more.

But everything inside is holding me back.

I want to burn everything that is the old me.

Getting rid of the toxicity in my life, that includes toxic people.

I’m done being an option for people when they need me for something.

I want real authentic people, I want to find my tribe.

I know my value, I know my worth and for far too long I’ve let people treat me like I am less than, when I know I am more then that.

I don’t want people dragging me back to how I used to be and they expect me to still be the same.

I’ve worked too hard to get where I am and to some they may not see a difference but people see the version of you that’s convenient for them.

I’m done with fake people, don’t fake being interested in me or my life, I can spot it from a mile off and I certainly know when I’m being used.

I’m letting go of things that no longer serve me, people, materialistic things, behaviours etc.

I’ve got to keep moving forward for myself, no one else.

I’m living my most authentic life and I can only keep moving forward by leaving the toxic shit behind.

I’m not who I was 10 years ago, even 5 years ago. I’m so much happier, more at peace with myself, yes I still struggle but I’m only human.

I’m far from perfect and I’ll always be a work in progress. I will always continue to grow and move forward. I will always do my best no matter what life throws at me.

Peace out


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