Month: February 2019

Hobbies – photography

I absolutely love photography, I’m not a professional but I love viewing life through a lens. I haven’t shared any of my pictures lately, so I decided to write this blog and share my recent pictures. Spring is on the way ☀️ ^ dog… Continue Reading “Hobbies – photography”

Living with a chronic illness

I’ve not written much about my health lately, mainly because I’ve been super busy with like a trillion appointments! It feels great having such a great team of doctors around me but that comes with a lot of appointments. The team of doctors and… Continue Reading “Living with a chronic illness”

Dealing with disassociation – with self care

Schedule for tomorrow, this helps so much with disassociation and trying to get some stuff done. It’s mostly dependent on weather, pain and energy levels. I’m hoping I don’t feel as wiped out tomorrow so Scrappy and I can get out for a good… Continue Reading “Dealing with disassociation – with self care”

The disassociation spectrum

Recently I’ve really been struggling with disassociation and just being in the moment. I think it’s mostly due to gender dysphoria, but partly due to recent bouts of insomnia, depression and chronic fatigue. However I’ve discovered a way to help me stay in the… Continue Reading “The disassociation spectrum”

Toxicity purge – Update

I thought I’d do an update with how things have been going since I decided to change things, cut people out of my life etc. First thing I want to say is that is has been incredibly difficult part of my journey but its… Continue Reading “Toxicity purge – Update”