Month: April 2019


Drowning in my emotions, don’t know what to do now. Does it ever really get better or just always stay the same. Patterns just seem to repeat over and over. I don’t understand how when I’m working so hard to change. Maybe nothing really… Continue Reading “Maybe”

Warm weather and dysphoria

It’s good Friday today, the suns out and it’s really warm. For most people they don’t think too much about what to wear, how they feel etc. For me personally I really struggle when it’s warm. Stress about what to wear because I can’t… Continue Reading “Warm weather and dysphoria”

Random brain stuffs

Thought I’d share some stuff I’ve previously written but not posted. Here’s some random stuff from my weird brain Written 28th March 1am (I remember crying towards the end which is why I didn’t finish it or post it. Feeling a bit lost and… Continue Reading “Random brain stuffs”


Today’s been weird, this morning I was organised, got shit done, felt good. By sort of 13:30pm I was just done for the day . I wanted to sleep because I was tired but I couldn’t settle. So just spent most of the afternoon… Continue Reading “Disconnected”

Still here

Again I’ve not written for a few months for various reasons. One being that I’ve not really been present, I’ve been disconnected and just in my own little world lately. The other reason is I often don’t feel like I have anything new to… Continue Reading “Still here”