Today’s been weird, this morning I was organised, got shit done, felt good. By sort of 13:30pm I was just done for the day .

I wanted to sleep because I was tired but I couldn’t settle. So just spent most of the afternoon zoned out, completely disconnected. I just feel like a zombie, it’s hard to get out of that feeling too.

I just feel nothing but everything at once. It’s so overwhelming.

Still after all these years I still feel so guilty about not being productive enough, or well just not being enough full stop.

It doesn’t help that it’s a full moon this weekend and I’m due my T shot Monday, they are all added factors.

Having a hard time focusing, concentrating and just getting thoughts in order. Everything feels disorganised. I feel out of place.

Not sure if it’s depression or not… I dunno. I don’t really know how to fix it either I’m not sure what’s going to help.

Peace out


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