Drowning in my emotions, don’t know what to do now.

Does it ever really get better or just always stay the same.

Patterns just seem to repeat over and over. I don’t understand how when I’m working so hard to change.

Maybe nothing really changes, maybe broken always stays broken.

I can’t keep feeling the same forever. I always just pretend to be ok, it’s the only way to get through each day.

Some say fake it till you make it. I feel like I’ll never make it, just be stuck in this circle forever, never being able to break away.

Why can’t I move forward, why do I keep feeling like a lost little kid, same old story over and over. Why isn’t it changing.

Tired of trying, tired of trying to be a better me. Seems to still end up in the same place.

Trying to break these patterns but I’m just not strong enough.

Maybe I’m not meant to be happy, maybe what I want will always be unobtainable for me.

Maybe broken stays broken.


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