Month: May 2019

Self care – Being brave and asking for help

Dinner date and movie with myself tonight. Something I’ve not done in a while, been too caught up with the negative stuff in my head, I forgot to love and take care of myself. Trying my best to get back on track. I also… Continue Reading “Self care – Being brave and asking for help”

Negative spiral – update

This negative spiral, intense depression and anxiety is not good! Slipping back into old behaviours and thought patterns that I worked so hard on to change. I don’t mean to be a dick and come across as angry and ungrateful, I’m loosing grip on… Continue Reading “Negative spiral – update”

Negative thought spiral

I pick one thing that makes me sad and upset and apply it to every single thing in my life. I start off feeling a bit sad and I obsessively think about every single negative thing and end up feeling so depressed I just… Continue Reading “Negative thought spiral”

Pink sunset

Photography is one of the things that make me really happy. Last night I took my dogs for a little walk and we sat by the water watching the gorgeous pink sunset. Here are the pictures I took, I’m by no means a professional… Continue Reading “Pink sunset”

Transition update

I don’t when I last posted an update about my transition stuff, but I have exciting news 😁 I am now 21 months on testosterone, my two years on T will be 22nd August. Everything with T is going well, I do my own… Continue Reading “Transition update”

Brownsea Island day trip

I went to Brownsea Island this week with my friend H for her birthday. It was so nice, saw loads of wildlife up close and I got some great pictures. I love being outside in the woods, surrounded by wildlife, it really helps ground… Continue Reading “Brownsea Island day trip”

Laid bare

I’ve been mia for a while, I’ve not been posting regularly like I was, for a number of reasons, which I’ll explain as I write this. I’m feeling pretty vulnerable at the moment, so this is going to be hard and uncomfortable. But it’s… Continue Reading “Laid bare”