Month: June 2019

A day in the life of a trans guy – Selfies

This isn’t something I’ve spoken about much, mainly because it’s something that’s happened gradually over my transition. Looking through Facebook memories and the last year I’ve taken a less selfies, compared to previous years where I’ve posted multiple selfies a day. I think a… Continue Reading “A day in the life of a trans guy – Selfies”

A day in the life of a trans guy – Lower surgery appointment

Yesterday I went to see the Doc that will be doing my lower surgery. It went really well, he’s happy for it to be done from my arm. But because of previous bone fractures and my physical health stuff I need to have a… Continue Reading “A day in the life of a trans guy – Lower surgery appointment”

A day in a life of a trans guy

T shot day! It really struck me today and it’s not just a sudden realisation, it’s something I’ve always known but don’t always acknowledge. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that I know I’m super lucky to have access to testosterone and… Continue Reading “A day in a life of a trans guy”

The darkness surrounds me

I wrote this last night, despite a nice day the darkness still takes a hold of me and I can’t shake it off You ever just feel like you’re a total inconvenience to everyone?! But it’s almost like they only stick around out of… Continue Reading “The darkness surrounds me”

Sunday Funday

Had a good trip out today with a friend and my dog Scrappy, was nice to get out and explore. I got some good shots too 🙂 We went to Corfe Castle and Swanage Here are some of the pictures I took, hope you… Continue Reading “Sunday Funday”

Hobby – Photography

I saw my Grandparents this weekend and they have a lovely garden with beautiful flowers, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures 🙂 All just with my iPhone 7 and a few using my macro and eye fish lens. I love looking… Continue Reading “Hobby – Photography”