A day in a life of a trans guy

T shot day!

It really struck me today and it’s not just a sudden realisation, it’s something I’ve always known but don’t always acknowledge. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that I know I’m super lucky to have access to testosterone and free healthcare for my physical transition and for that I am extremely great.

I think it’s important to acknowledge privilege and be grateful. Because not everyone gets free healthcare, let alone healthcare for their transition.

Being trans for me has been a long road and the road ahead seems to be endless.

At a point the physical transition will end but I feel that the emotional transition will continue, I’m not sure it will ever end. We are always changing, I hope I can continue to change and grow into who I am.

I know I’ve not posted regularly about my transition recently but I think it’s because I’ve felt vulnerable, anxious, self conscious, depressed and I don’t just not good enough.

I’m trying my best to open myself back up, but I’ve been so shut off it’s hard to move towards that light again. But I’ll eventually get there I’m sure 😊

Peace out


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