A day in life of a trans guy – growing feet

We have had such crappy weather, Monday was awful, it rained all day long and that was the day I found out my trainers are no longer waterproof lol!

My right foot was soaked, I’ve only had my trainers for like 4 months. Which sucks as the amount I paid for them they should be lasting longer then that.

So on Tuesday I went on the hunt for new shoes, but because I have specially made insoles, finding the right shoes is so hard. I can no longer buy shoes I like, which really sucks, I have to go for ones that are practical.

I went to sketchers and the lady measured my feet. Now before testosterone my feet were 6.5 (UK size) but I wore a 7 cuz I have wide feet, but my feet now measure a size 7! They’ve grown half a size in 2 years of being on testosterone.

The boots I ended up buying are a size 8 because of my wide feet lol! I wish T would make me taller lol, I’m only 5ft 3, but at 34 1/2 I think that’s doubtful now lol.

New boots

They aren’t what I’d usually go for but I with my insoles I can’t really be picky, it still sucks though. I hate change and not being able to get the style of trainers I love. I suppose I’ll get over it lol, I’ll pretend to be a grown up about it lol.

Peace out


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