Month: November 2019

A day in the life of a trans guy – Being raised female

I am starting to realise that I have to come to terms with the fact that I will always have what people deem to be feminine traits. Boys and girls from birth are raised differently and their parents have different dreams for each of… Continue Reading “A day in the life of a trans guy – Being raised female”

Podcast revelations

Listening to The Happy Place with Fearne cotton and Catherine Gray, talking about alcohol addiction and the effects of alcohol and it’s definitely food for thought. I started drinking more last year when I was in a relationship then I did when I wasn’t… Continue Reading “Podcast revelations”

Self Care

I’ve not written much about self care recently, as after surgery self care was kinda a given. I had to listen to my body and look after myself. Recently I haven’t been feeling great, I’ve been feeling absolutely exhausted and generally just been feeling… Continue Reading “Self Care”

Anger issues

Someone I saw yesterday at the Trans day of remembrance service commented on the fact that I seem less angry. In previous friendships, I was told I was too angry. The one time that hurt the most was 6 months after my dad had… Continue Reading “Anger issues”

Trans Day of Remembrance 2019

Yesterday was TDoR, where we take a moment and light a candle in remembrance of our fallen trans brothers and sisters over the past year. This year 331 transgender people died, some were murdered, hanged, lynched and died by suicide. We say their names… Continue Reading “Trans Day of Remembrance 2019”

Counselling Revelation

We talked about this breath holding thing today and I think it stemmed from last year when I felt my blog was being watched and what I said was being monitored and as a result I then stopped blogging and when I did I… Continue Reading “Counselling Revelation”

Finding myself

Over the last few weeks I’ve started to realise that I’ve lost myself, lost my sense of who I am over the last few years. I don’t even recognise myself anymore. I’ve not been living or speaking my truth. I think it started when… Continue Reading “Finding myself”

A day in the life of a trans guy – Swimming!

On Friday I went swimming for the first time in like 6/7 years and the first time since top surgery. I felt super anxious beforehand, not just because its the first time swimming in just swim shorts but also because I was self conscious… Continue Reading “A day in the life of a trans guy – Swimming!”