Anger issues

Someone I saw yesterday at the Trans day of remembrance service commented on the fact that I seem less angry.

In previous friendships, I was told I was too angry. The one time that hurt the most was 6 months after my dad had died suddenly! Damn right I was fucking angry.

This person never thought to think they were partly to blame for me being angry and frustrated around them. After always feeling stupid and like whatever I said/did was wrong. That discreet toxic shit will slowly erode someone’s self worth, self esteem and hell yeah that’s gonna make them angry and frustrated.

So before you think someone has anger issues, come at the situation with compassion, look at their current situation and how you would feel at that time. Look at your own actions towards that person and maybe you could have been kinder and more compassionate.

I am less angry these days and I’m trying my best to keep moving forward. It may not seem like I’m doing enough, or trying hard enough or I’m just playing the victim of circumstances. But you can’t judge a person without seeing the good, the bad, without knowing what it takes to just get out of bed some days.

We could all stand to be more compassionate.

I’m by no means perfect and I have been that toxic person, we all have at one point or another. It’s about recognising that, apologising and moving on.

It was so lovely to have someone say I come across as not being angry and more chilled, it’s so nice to have your hard work recognised.

Peace out


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