Hi.... Where to start?! Well my name is Zak I was diagnosed with a rare health condition at the age of 15, after being in and out of hospital since I was 7years old. My rare health condition is called Churg Strauss syndrome .. Not heard of it? neither had I at the time. In Dec 09 after a long battle with the mental health team, I finally got a diagnosis that fit my symptoms. I got diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. The years have been long and hard, and I've struggled so much. Three years ago I came out a transgender, I have always identified as male, I just wasn't aware that being able to live in the opposite gender was even an option. I have 2 cats and two dogs, they are my absolute world. I am obsessed with TANK GIRL, Batman and the Joker! I LOVE COMICS! So yeah that's me in a nut shell really.... I'm sure you will get to know me more through my blogs. Peace out x

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