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What a week and it’s only Wednesday!

Its only Wednesday and it has already been one hell of a week! I’m absolutely exhausted, in so much pain and so stressed out, literally don’t know how I am continuing to move forward and deal with all of this shit. So Monday Scrappy…

Anger Issues and Great Friends

Sunday seems to come around quicker every week and wow what a week it’s been. How would I describe this week? Well this week has been filled with high emotion, mainly anger and frustration, with a bit of crying and some happy days….

Survival mode

Once again I’ve just been staring blankly at the computer screen because I have no idea where to start and I’m not even sure how I feel or what’s really going on. All I know is that I just have to get through it….

Agitated as FUCK!

Urgh I’ve been sat here for fucking ages just looking at stuff online, not even taking it in because I feel fucking shit! and so fucking frustrated and agitated. I don’t really know why…Possibly triggered by counselling… but I’m not sure. My mood dropped…