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Adventure Time – Brighton day trip

On Thursday I took a pretty huge step, I went to Brighton for the day by train on my own. I’ve always had anxiety about getting the train places, as I have a fear of getting lost. Which is probably a weird fear but… Continue Reading “Adventure Time – Brighton day trip”

Rediscovering myself

Since December, I’ve been in hibernation mode and I’ve really struggled to get out and about. I’ve wanted to stay close to home and just relax, but I feel its time to start slowly crawling out of this cocoon I’ve built and participate in… Continue Reading “Rediscovering myself”

Podcast revelations

Listening to The Happy Place with Fearne cotton and Catherine Gray, talking about alcohol addiction and the effects of alcohol and it’s definitely food for thought. I started drinking more last year when I was in a relationship then I did when I wasn’t… Continue Reading “Podcast revelations”

Vortex of negative thoughts

I really want to decorate and replace most of my furniture. I don’t feel capable enough to do it myself. Although I know I’d love to do it myself, I love creating things. I really want to create a cozy, safe spot space. I… Continue Reading “Vortex of negative thoughts”

The light at the end of the darkness

I feel happy again and I can say that now and actually mean it. Just a few months ago I was in the darkness, struggling to get through a day. At times I felt so tired, I just didn’t want to keep going. I… Continue Reading “The light at the end of the darkness”

A day in a life of a trans guy

T shot day! It really struck me today and it’s not just a sudden realisation, it’s something I’ve always known but don’t always acknowledge. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that I know I’m super lucky to have access to testosterone and… Continue Reading “A day in a life of a trans guy”

Self care – Being brave and asking for help

Dinner date and movie with myself tonight. Something I’ve not done in a while, been too caught up with the negative stuff in my head, I forgot to love and take care of myself. Trying my best to get back on track. I also… Continue Reading “Self care – Being brave and asking for help”

2018 – What a year!!!

Yet another year is nearly over and 2019 is just on the horizon. Its been another year full of ups and downs and for the most part its been an absolutely incredible time. March was probably the most eventful months of this year, I… Continue Reading “2018 – What a year!!!”

Self care – Toxicity purge continued….

My previous post was written whilst I was on the bus, I took myself on a date night. I needed to get out as I was just sat at home, stuff running through my head and I didn’t know what to do with myself.… Continue Reading “Self care – Toxicity purge continued….”

Self care – toxicity purge

I haven’t written in about 4 months and I feel it, it’s all inside. So here is a long over due blog post… enjoy 🙂 I feel like I need to vomit everything out. I feel like I need to purge myself of everything.… Continue Reading “Self care – toxicity purge”