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Week 1 on T – Feeling awesome

A week ago today I had my first shot of testosterone, it still hasn’t entirely sunk in yet I don’t think. It will in time as I start noticing changes I should imagine. I almost feel like I’m finally growing up, its hard to… Continue Reading “Week 1 on T – Feeling awesome”

Walking stick user

Well starting this a bit earlier tonight in hopes I get to bed a bit earlier and maybe I shall sleep right through. I slept ok-ish last night, until I got to about 5 am and that is when I usually wake up but… Continue Reading “Walking stick user”

Detached from emotions

Urgh I am so tired but I need to catch up, the longer I leave it the more I’ll need to catch up. Mon – Wow it seems to long ago now, I went back to bed in the morning because I was so… Continue Reading “Detached from emotions”

Really busy boy, been having great fun

Wow I’ve been so busy I’ve been too tired to update my journal. But I’ve been having great fun 🙂 I’ll just do a quick update. Thursday – Had group Thursday afternoon…it was ok-ish. I’m ended up leaving feeling really annoyed with the same… Continue Reading “Really busy boy, been having great fun”

Had a fall that wasn’t my fault

My day didn’t start to well, I got out of bed and had a fall. I literally just fell to the floor like a sack of shit, my legs just gave away. It was so weird, I smashed my arm and I now have… Continue Reading “Had a fall that wasn’t my fault”

Mindfulness is the best way to start the day

Wow I have had one busy day and it’s been non stop, but it’s been good and I got all my jobs done which is even better. I did start the day with some mindfulness and I think that helped me to keep going.… Continue Reading “Mindfulness is the best way to start the day”

Just another day, just another post

Monday is here and I must say it’s actually been ok so far. I’ve got all my jobs done and I’m feeling good mentally, not so much physically. My lil legs are really sore and achy again today and my shoulder is still sore.… Continue Reading “Just another day, just another post”

Mindful Sunday

So the week has come to an end once again and it’s been an interesting week, a bit up and down and all over the place. But The main thing is I got through it with the help of my beautiful pups and the… Continue Reading “Mindful Sunday”

Back on track :)

Sat here on a Saturday night feeling better then I did when I last posted on Thursday. My shoulder is really achy though and it’s uncomfortable. Friday was just a miserable day all around, the weather was horrible! It rained and was grey all… Continue Reading “Back on track :)”

DBT rules in times of stress

Not even sure where my head is at right now, I don’t know where to start or what even was right about today! Ok maybe it wasn’t THAT bad but my buttons were pushed today and I did get mega angry and stressed. I… Continue Reading “DBT rules in times of stress”