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The light at the end of the darkness

I feel happy again and I can say that now and actually mean it. Just a few months ago I was in the darkness, struggling to get through a day. At times I felt so tired, I just didn’t want to keep going. I… Continue Reading “The light at the end of the darkness”

Psych app!

So a few months ago I asked my GP to refer me to the my psychiatrist and I was meant to have an appointment last month, but I had to to reschedule. Anyway I had my appointment first thing this morning. 9am… why do… Continue Reading “Psych app!”

Laid bare

I’ve been mia for a while, I’ve not been posting regularly like I was, for a number of reasons, which I’ll explain as I write this. I’m feeling pretty vulnerable at the moment, so this is going to be hard and uncomfortable. But it’s… Continue Reading “Laid bare”

Living with a chronic illness

I’ve not written much about my health lately, mainly because I’ve been super busy with like a trillion appointments! It feels great having such a great team of doctors around me but that comes with a lot of appointments. The team of doctors and… Continue Reading “Living with a chronic illness”

The disassociation spectrum

Recently I’ve really been struggling with disassociation and just being in the moment. I think it’s mostly due to gender dysphoria, but partly due to recent bouts of insomnia, depression and chronic fatigue. However I’ve discovered a way to help me stay in the… Continue Reading “The disassociation spectrum”

Transition update – 1 year on testosterone

I cannot believe that today I am 1 whole year on testosterone, its absolutely crazy! I don’t really know what to write right now, but I felt like I needed to do a quick update. So what’s changed? well I’m much hairier then I… Continue Reading “Transition update – 1 year on testosterone”

Transition update – Week 33 on T

Another week on testosterone, its been such a long crazy week but its been s good one. I’ve struggled to get through money wise, but I’ve been selling stuff. That’s slowed down now and I don’t have much left but I have food so… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 33 on T”

Transition update – Week 29 on T

This week I have some big news! But before I talk about that I’ll talk about other stuff that’s transition related. This morning I had a blood test to check my testosterone levels, this is the trough which means that my testosterone levels will… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 29 on T”

Transition update – Week 7 on T

Well its a week before my 3rd testosterone injection, I can’t believe its come around so quickly, I’ve barely caught up with myself yet. The next injection I will be doing solo, so pretty nervous but excited for next week. Anyway back to this… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 7 on T”

Update – A bit of everything

I’ve been on and off the laptop all day doing one thing or another and I’m still on here just messing around, googling random things, as ya do and looking up stuff. It’s been a pretty good start to the week, I had all… Continue Reading “Update – A bit of everything”