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Update – I’ve not written in forever

I haven’t written my blog for about 4 months now, mainly because my old laptop SUCKS! So I since have gotten myself a nice new laptop, it’s a gaming laptop and its a good spec for what I want it for and a decent… Continue Reading “Update – I’ve not written in forever”

Health update – New Med Regime – So far So Good

I haven’t posted for a while in detail about my  health issues and transition, so as I am sitting at the laptop downloading pictures and stuff I thought I would write about what’s been going on in a bit more detail. In January I… Continue Reading “Health update – New Med Regime – So far So Good”

PIP Tribunal Results are in…

I had my PIP tribunal Tuesday afternoon, I had my awesome friend come with me. He came down from London for the day just to help me. I was so so grateful as I definitely wouldn’t have got through it without him there with… Continue Reading “PIP Tribunal Results are in…”

I don’t even have the energy to be angry

In just two days things have changed, my mood has dropped and I feel like shit in more ways then one. I literally don’t have the energy for anything right now, I would just like things to go a bit more smoothly for a… Continue Reading “I don’t even have the energy to be angry”

Thoracic medicine appointment

I had a great weekend but yeah totally paying for it today, I woke up exhausted and in so much pain. I woke up about 6 am because I was in so much pain with my hips and knees. So I had breakfast and… Continue Reading “Thoracic medicine appointment”

8 day old post

A 8 day old post that I just didn’t share for some reason… Two weeks of no methotrexate and I am doing ok 🙂 I feel a bit more energetic which is odd but I am not sure if it is the bipolar or from… Continue Reading “8 day old post”

Video blog – Methotrexate and other stuff

I love my friends <3

I am back, I’m feeling a bit more lively and a bit less mopey. It’s been a very long few weeks but hopefully this is the start of me feeling better. My stomach has been loads better this week and I’ve been catching up… Continue Reading “I love my friends <3”

Enough is Enough! Goodbye Methotrexate!

Quick catch up, it’s been a long week already. I’m tired and everything hurts and I just want to hibernate for winter. My stomach has settled down now which is such a relief, although it is still a bit tender when I eat but… Continue Reading “Enough is Enough! Goodbye Methotrexate!”