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What a nightmare.. :/

Well this week has been utter bullshit. Literally it couldn’t have gone any worse, well it probably could have but hey. I’m glad the week is over and the weekend is here, so I can try again next week. Mind on Wednesday I have… Continue Reading “What a nightmare.. :/”

G.I.C workshop @ Charing Cross hospital

I am so so so tired, I probably should get to bed right now. But I need to get stuff out my head before I can sleep and rest properly. Monday night it took me nearly an hour to get to sleep because I… Continue Reading “G.I.C workshop @ Charing Cross hospital”

Separation anxiety

Urgh I am really struggling to concentrate right now, but I’m going to keep going. I didn’t sleep too well last night, kept tossing and turning. But I felt ok not too tired. This morning I was pretty productive, I wrote my lists, sorted… Continue Reading “Separation anxiety”