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Transition update – 1 year on testosterone

I cannot believe that today I am 1 whole year on testosterone, its absolutely crazy! I don’t really know what to write right now, but I felt like I needed to do a quick update. So what’s changed? well I’m much hairier then I… Continue Reading “Transition update – 1 year on testosterone”

Transition update – Week 46 on T

This week isn’t a long one, as I’ve already posted two blogs this week and I don’t feel like I have anything else to add to this week. So here is this weeks picture and short vlog. Peace out Zak  

Transition update – Week 45 on T

Its been a funny old week this week, I’ve mainly been feeling really overwhelmed with different emotions and I’ve started to unpick them and try and make sense of it all, in order to hopefully ease how I feel. I’ve mainly been feeling super… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 45 on T”

Transition update – Week 44 on T

I wasn’t around last week to blog as I was on a much needed short break away. I had a really great time, best time I’ve had in a long time. I spoke to my GP this morning and my testosterone levels are pretty… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 44 on T”

Transition update – Week 42 on T

Where to start, everything is going well at the moment. I’m feeling good and things are moving forward. Tomorrow I have my fasting blood test for my T levels first thing and by the end of the week I should know if my levels… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 42 on T”

Transition update – Week 41 on T

Its so strange how things can change for the better in a second. I’m feeling so much better then I have done over the past few months. My financial situation is finally sorted and I got a back payment. Its such a weight off… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 41 on T”

Transition update – Week 39 on T

I’ve been on testosterone for exactly 9 months today! Woohoo! Its gone so quickly, I can’t believe it. I’m so glad I started on this journey, I’m feeling more myself then ever before. It hasn’t made everything perfect and there’s still a long way… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 39 on T”

Transition update – Week 37 on T

I’ve had a pretty good week this week, despite money still being tight and the uncertainty of being able to get through financially, I’m feeling fairly calm and quite positive. The only changes really this week have been my voice is continuing to change… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 37 on T”

Transition update – Week 36 on T

Today I finally got around to doing a voice comparison video! woohoo! I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but my throat has been really sore today, I keep having to clear my throat and my voice sounds a lot different, to… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 36 on T”

Transition update – Week 35 on T

This week has been full of ups and downs but I’ve made some huge steps forward, which feels so awesome! I’m so proud of myself. I’ll get the non transition stuff out of the way first. Its been a pretty hard week, I’ve had… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 35 on T”