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I can’t believe its Wednesday again already, so crazy this week’s just flown past. It has been a good week so far 🙂 Monday I was on it like sonic! Cleaned the flat, sorted out all my paper work and made phone calls. I… Continue Reading “*insert*title*for*a*happy*boy”

Chilled boy

It’s the weekend…woohoo..or not lol. No it’s been a pretty good weekend actually and I’m feeling good. It has been a pretty chilled weekend, just what I needed, although tomorrow I got paper work and other bits to chase up. Yesterday was pretty chilled,… Continue Reading “Chilled boy”

Making the most of each day

I had a very late night and didn’t get to bed till about nearly 4 am lol. I did have a good sleep though, woke up for a bit to eat breakfast and then went back to sleep till 1 pm. Ahhh it was… Continue Reading “Making the most of each day”

Granulomatosis polyangiitis worries

I haven’t posted again for a while but I’ve been really busy so when it comes to sit and write, I just want to go to sleep. I am really tired this evening, but I can sleep in tomorrow. Monday would have been my… Continue Reading “Granulomatosis polyangiitis worries”

Lil catch up, 2 fractured fingers

Ow everything hurts right now, stupid joints and I can’t take any more pain killers for an hour. Thursday was busy, L and Boo didn’t get up till nearly 11 am. I was just chilling with Harvey watching tv. She went out and got… Continue Reading “Lil catch up, 2 fractured fingers”

Maybe a broken knuckle…DO’H

So I was so tired yesterday when I finally got in, I just went straight to bed. Yesterday was funny, I met up with everyone from the Mindout group for a social, we sat down at the beach and then went for a walk… Continue Reading “Maybe a broken knuckle…DO’H”

Dog show and another fractured finger

I keep waking up really early every morning around 5-6 am, it’s so annoying. But I managed to get back to sleep until gone 9 am I think this morning. This afternoon I took the pups to their dog show and I met up… Continue Reading “Dog show and another fractured finger”

Super Sunday

Ah it’s been a good Sunday, I woke up early but I had some breakfast and went back to bed until midday lol. I felt all the walking we did yesterday, my leg muscles were so sore. I think it was walking over all… Continue Reading “Super Sunday”

Happy, peaceful boy

I am currently watching the Eurovision song contest, they are just reading out the points 🙂 A pretty good end to a really awesome day. I’m so tired and the pups have been asleep pretty much since the moment we got in the flopped… Continue Reading “Happy, peaceful boy”

Another small step

Woohoo! 🙂 Had some fab news today, so I’m feeling pretty good. I had a bit of a slow start this morning and woke up at 10 am and considering I spent most of yesterday asleep I was surprised I woke up at that… Continue Reading “Another small step”