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Really busy boy, been having great fun

Wow I’ve been so busy I’ve been too tired to update my journal. But I’ve been having great fun 🙂 I’ll just do a quick update. Thursday – Had group Thursday afternoon…it was ok-ish. I’m ended up leaving feeling really annoyed with the same… Continue Reading “Really busy boy, been having great fun”


Baby slept well, didn’t wake me up till 8 am! Yay. Day has been good. Busy again. Met a friend for a coffee this morning, which was nice. I went into town and got lil man some arts and crafts bits, crayons, a colouring… Continue Reading “TGIF :)”

So far so good :)

3 days into the new year and so far its been good 🙂 Mr Scrappy doo is 8 months old today. It’s gone so fast. In some ways it feels like yesterday that I picked him up and brought him home. But it also… Continue Reading “So far so good :)”


WOW well my Christmas was amazing 🙂 I am so glad I chose to spend it with family.  Grandad picked me and foxy up yesterday just before 11 am and went to his house. Foxy was excited to be there and got all fussed… Continue Reading “HAPPY CHRISTMAS <3”