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Re-charged and a happy chilled out boy

Ahhhhhhh I am feeling rested and recharged 🙂 I have had the entire weekend to myself and I have chilled right out. Saturday I was meant to spend with L and the boys but sadly poor Harvey was being sick all day bless him….

A lil irritable

Ahhh I keep getting distracted by the pups, cat and the tiny kitten that keeps meowing at me lol! It’s now gone midnight so I better crack on as I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to take foxy girl to get her haircut….

Peace, love, happiness <3

I am 19 months self harm free today 🙂 So freaking proud of myself! My trans group was good last night, got a lot out of it. I got home to my happy puppies, I sorted the mess out they had made, I then…

I’m out :)

Currently sat eating Haribo sour s’getti that my friend sent over from the USA and I can safely say the are pretty sour, but so yummy. Hopefully it wont take me all night to write tonight, as I am tired already and need my…

I am 30 today :)

So just spent 25 mins writing and I’ve just lost the lot! Grrrrr! I shall start again. It’s nearly half 2 am here. I a little bit accidently fell asleep on the sofa lol, but I was just so tired I couldn’t stay awake….

Sleep, Lego and sweets

I didn’t get to bed until 4:30 am, it was just messing about. This happened while we went for a walk before bed I swear down scrappy thinks he’s a bloody lion. We were out walking around our usual route and he spotted something,…


Baby slept well, didn’t wake me up till 8 am! Yay. Day has been good. Busy again. Met a friend for a coffee this morning, which was nice. I went into town and got lil man some arts and crafts bits, crayons, a colouring…