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Birthday blues

Despite have a good birthday, I always feel a bit low around my birthday. Apparently it’s quite a common thing to feel low or even depressed around your birthday for a number of reasons. One reason is because it forces you to look back… Continue Reading “Birthday blues”

Birthday Boy!

As I said in my blog the other day, I’ve been struggling to sit down and concentrate and a lot of that is because I’ve had a case of ‘I can’t be bothered’ been feeling a bit low, stressed and tense. I’ve withdrawn myself… Continue Reading “Birthday Boy!”

Brownsea Island day trip

I went to Brownsea Island this week with my friend H for her birthday. It was so nice, saw loads of wildlife up close and I got some great pictures. I love being outside in the woods, surrounded by wildlife, it really helps ground… Continue Reading “Brownsea Island day trip”

Transition update – Week 28 on T

Another week has passed and I don’t remember much, its all a bit hazy and distorted. I’ve been really struggling with low mood and disassociation this week, so memories aren’t in order. Nothing feels real, everything feels dream like. Been feeling really agitated as… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 28 on T”

Am I losing it? – Update on my life

It has been another 7 days since I last posted on here, mainly because my mood has been really low and I’ve not had the motivation to do anything and a bit because my situation hasn’t really changed much and I’m so fed up.… Continue Reading “Am I losing it? – Update on my life”


So it has been over a week since I last posted and that’s mainly because I’ve been ill with a sinus infection but my mood has also been pretty low too. I don’t really know where to start, its been such a long week… Continue Reading “Meh…”

What a nightmare.. :/

Well this week has been utter bullshit. Literally it couldn’t have gone any worse, well it probably could have but hey. I’m glad the week is over and the weekend is here, so I can try again next week. Mind on Wednesday I have… Continue Reading “What a nightmare.. :/”

Happy chilled boy

Ahhhhhh I’ve had such a productive day 🙂 and I’ve managed to do everything all by myself even though it made me arm really hurt it was totally worth it. I slept well last night when I eventually went to bed lol. I woke… Continue Reading “Happy chilled boy”

Poorly boy…again! Tummy bug hits batman ;)

Urgh this week hasn’t been so great so far and it’s only Wednesday lol. Well Monday was ok, Lou and the boys came over for the afternoon, we were going to go out for a walk but the weather was a bit weird. It… Continue Reading “Poorly boy…again! Tummy bug hits batman ;)”

Bro day :)

*YAWN* I am one tired boy once again but I’ve had a busy day 🙂 definitely not going to write much tonight because I need my beauty sleep lol. I had a good start to the week, well apart from the small interruption of the… Continue Reading “Bro day :)”