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What a nightmare.. :/

Well this week has been utter bullshit. Literally it couldn’t have gone any worse, well it probably could have but hey. I’m glad the week is over and the weekend is here, so I can try again next week. Mind on Wednesday I have…

Mindfulness is the best way to start the day

Wow I have had one busy day and it’s been non stop, but it’s been good and I got all my jobs done which is even better. I did start the day with some mindfulness and I think that helped me to keep going….

Re-charged and a happy chilled out boy

Ahhhhhhh I am feeling rested and recharged 🙂 I have had the entire weekend to myself and I have chilled right out. Saturday I was meant to spend with L and the boys but sadly poor Harvey was being sick all day bless him….

Boy’s day :)

*YAWN* Again lol, I am so tired and so achy but it’s a sign of a good day. I slept ok-ish last night and again I woke up at 6 am, so I had breakfast and a drink then went back to sleep until…

Bro day :)

*YAWN* I am one tired boy once again but I’ve had a busy day 🙂 definitely not going to write much tonight because I need my beauty sleep lol. I had a good start to the week, well apart from the small interruption of the…

Exhausted, poorly boy

Urgh I am so tired, I look really pale, I feel shaky and just really unwell. My chest aches, I’m all snotty and gross and the tiredness is just unreal. Thursday – I could not stop sleeping, my whole body felt like jelly and…

So fatigued, thanks to GPA

I’m so so tired today, feel like I could sleep for a week. It took me a while to get going this morning, so didn’t want to go anywhere at all but miss foxy had to go get her haircut, it desperately needed doing….