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Tired and achy but feeling happy

Right now I’m too tired to write but I am too tired to move and do anything else… I’m just glad I got through another stressful week with minimal damage. I’m still not feeling any better then I felt on Thursday, still exhausted, achy,… Continue Reading “Tired and achy but feeling happy”

I will never stop fighting – Benefits suck!

Ah Sunday evening…which means I have another week ahead of me to deal with! Urgh  and I have a few battles to deal with this week. I had some shit news through the post and WOW it’s utterly disgusting and I got so mad! So… Continue Reading “I will never stop fighting – Benefits suck!”

Clocks change confusion…and a catch up

Ahh the clocks have gone back an hour and thrown me completely. When I woke up this morning my phone had 8 am and my alarm clock has 9 am… I didn’t know which one was right lol. It’s nearly 10 pm and it… Continue Reading “Clocks change confusion…and a catch up”

I love guided meditation

Ah yes! Sunday this bullshit week is practically over! And I am feeling a bit better then I have done. But that’s mainly down to doing some guided meditation, which really helped to ground me. A quick catch up – Saturday –  I actually… Continue Reading “I love guided meditation”

Recovering from depression, anxiety and disassociation

So I’ve haven’t written in a few days because I’ve just not been in the mood to write, well I’ve not really been in the mood to do anything at all. I’ve been in a real funk, I’ve been feeling mega anxious, totally disassociated… Continue Reading “Recovering from depression, anxiety and disassociation”

A lil irritable

Ahhh I keep getting distracted by the pups, cat and the tiny kitten that keeps meowing at me lol! It’s now gone midnight so I better crack on as I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to take foxy girl to get her haircut.… Continue Reading “A lil irritable”

Hot, tired, happy boy

Wednesday again! and the 1st of July. Where the heck did June go lol. It’s been a good week so far and it’s been hot! Too hot for me and the pups today. Mon – Had to go to the doctors to get some… Continue Reading “Hot, tired, happy boy”

Awesome weekend with my best friend

The last 5 days have been so good 🙂 I ache all over and I’m utterly exhausted but I am so happy. Wed –  L, boo and I met up and we had lunch down where I scattered my dad and the pups had… Continue Reading “Awesome weekend with my best friend”

Granulomatosis polyangiitis worries

I haven’t posted again for a while but I’ve been really busy so when it comes to sit and write, I just want to go to sleep. I am really tired this evening, but I can sleep in tomorrow. Monday would have been my… Continue Reading “Granulomatosis polyangiitis worries”

Busy, happy boy :)

Wow the last 2 days have been so busy but they’ve been really good! My mood has picked up as has my motivation and over all I just feel a bit better 🙂 Yesterday I had my meeting for the voluntary job in which… Continue Reading “Busy, happy boy :)”