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It’s been nearly a whole week since I have sat down to write properly, I usually like sitting down to write but this past week I’ve either been too tired or I’ve just not felt like it. I’m only writing tonight because I’m not…

Really busy boy, been having great fun

Wow I’ve been so busy I’ve been too tired to update my journal. But I’ve been having great fun 🙂 I’ll just do a quick update. Thursday – Had group Thursday afternoon…it was ok-ish. I’m ended up leaving feeling really annoyed with the same…

Re-charged and a happy chilled out boy

Ahhhhhhh I am feeling rested and recharged 🙂 I have had the entire weekend to myself and I have chilled right out. Saturday I was meant to spend with L and the boys but sadly poor Harvey was being sick all day bless him….

Bro day :)

*YAWN* I am one tired boy once again but I’ve had a busy day 🙂 definitely not going to write much tonight because I need my beauty sleep lol. I had a good start to the week, well apart from the small interruption of the…

A lil irritable

Ahhh I keep getting distracted by the pups, cat and the tiny kitten that keeps meowing at me lol! It’s now gone midnight so I better crack on as I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to take foxy girl to get her haircut….

Busy, happy boy :)

Wow the last 2 days have been so busy but they’ve been really good! My mood has picked up as has my motivation and over all I just feel a bit better 🙂 Yesterday I had my meeting for the voluntary job in which…

On a low one but I will rise again

So yesterday was a shit day. I was physically paying for my day out Monday and I was just totally down, my mood was right through the floor. I stayed in all day and only went to my dentist appointment, I was just not…

Short & sweet just like me ;)

I don’t have much to say today, done the usual really, napped, ate, watched tv. I sorted out some more stuff and put it online to sell. Actually sold some stuff and made £15 🙂 Done some laundry. Oh and I cleaned the flat…

Groggy and frustrated

I am feeling so groggy right now amongst other feelings too… *sigh* Just frustrated. Yesterday was pretty busy. It was good for the most part but also a little disappointing. But it is what it is, there wasn’t anything I could do about it….

Super Lazy Saturday :)

I had a pretty late night, I didn’t get to sleep till gone 4 am 🙂 but luckily today I had nothing planned. Only had 6 hours sleep but I got up and just chilled out on the sofa, watching tv and eating breakfast….