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Counselling – Asking for help isn’t shameful

I went back to counselling sessions about 3/4 months ago now and I’ve found it to be really beneficial and has really helped me to process things I’ve been dealing with and has helped me unpick some real deep routed/ingrained stuff that I hadn’t… Continue Reading “Counselling – Asking for help isn’t shameful”

The darkness

I wrote this 12/10/19 in the morning, I woke up feeling sad. Urgh I feel as shitty as this shitty weather. It’s been so grey and horrible, constantly raining! I’m so over it. It hurts my legs and does nothing for my mood. I… Continue Reading “The darkness”

Psych app!

So a few months ago I asked my GP to refer me to the my psychiatrist and I was meant to have an appointment last month, but I had to to reschedule. Anyway I had my appointment first thing this morning. 9am… why do… Continue Reading “Psych app!”

Negative spiral – update

This negative spiral, intense depression and anxiety is not good! Slipping back into old behaviours and thought patterns that I worked so hard on to change. I don’t mean to be a dick and come across as angry and ungrateful, I’m loosing grip on… Continue Reading “Negative spiral – update”

I am still a work in process – update on life.

WOW so it has been a long old few weeks since I last posted and a lot has happened. First of all I would like to say that I cannot believe I have kept my shit together, despite all the trials and tribulations I… Continue Reading “I am still a work in process – update on life.”

Anger Issues and Great Friends

Sunday again..it seems to come around quicker every week and wow what a week it’s been. How would I describe this week? Well this week has been filled with high emotion, mainly anger and frustration, with a bit of crying and some happy days.… Continue Reading “Anger Issues and Great Friends”

Had a fall that wasn’t my fault

My day didn’t start to well, I got out of bed and had a fall. I literally just fell to the floor like a sack of shit, my legs just gave away. It was so weird, I smashed my arm and I now have… Continue Reading “Had a fall that wasn’t my fault”

DBT rules in times of stress

Not even sure where my head is at right now, I don’t know where to start or what even was right about today! Ok maybe it wasn’t THAT bad but my buttons were pushed today and I did get mega angry and stressed. I… Continue Reading “DBT rules in times of stress”

Honeymoon period is over, I need to get on it

Ok so I haven’t really been present on here for a while for a number of reasons and the main reason is that I haven’t really been present in real life. I’ve just been going on, not really doing much of anything at all… Continue Reading “Honeymoon period is over, I need to get on it”

1st March Self harm awareness day

I had this tattooed a few years ago while I was still actively self harming. I am now 18 months self harm free 🙂 I have achieved my goal and that was to stop before the age of 30 and I am 30 in 5… Continue Reading “1st March Self harm awareness day”