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Breaking very old patterns

As I mentioned in my last post, I had written 2 long posts early hours of this morning, but I knew I would need to proof read the spelling and if they made sense or not before posting as they were both written pretty… Continue Reading “Breaking very old patterns”

Still here

Again I’ve not written for a few months for various reasons. One being that I’ve not really been present, I’ve been disconnected and just in my own little world lately. The other reason is I often don’t feel like I have anything new to… Continue Reading “Still here”

Mobile phones have killed the conversation

Am I the only one who when I am with people will put my phone in my pocket and leave it there, checking it very occasionally. I had two friends down to stay with me and I felt so fucking awkward, lonely and left… Continue Reading “Mobile phones have killed the conversation”

A day in the life of a trans guy – gender dysphoria

previous post) it was also mentally exhausting. On quite a few occasions throughout the day I had random guys call me love… which made me feel like shit. I’ve been on testosterone for nearly a year now and still constantly get misgendered by strangers… Continue Reading “A day in the life of a trans guy – gender dysphoria”

Transition update – Week 38 on T

I don’t really have much to write today… I don’t really know what to write or even say. Not feeling great today, am so stressed out with my whole benefits saga.. I hate having no money, I’m having to sell stuff just to get… Continue Reading “Transition update – Week 38 on T”

This f*cking suck!

I don’t even know where to start right now, once again my heads in a fucking spin! I feel so full of anger and frustration. I really fucking hate my life! Now I’m not one to say that very often, I try and feel… Continue Reading “This f*cking suck!”

Trying to survived in a messed up system

Where to even start?! I suppose I’ll start with the GP appointment I had on Friday. I had written some notes down the night before so I could just hand it over to my new GP. It was hard to write as it made… Continue Reading “Trying to survived in a messed up system”

Am I losing it? – Update on my life

It has been another 7 days since I last posted on here, mainly because my mood has been really low and I’ve not had the motivation to do anything and a bit because my situation hasn’t really changed much and I’m so fed up.… Continue Reading “Am I losing it? – Update on my life”

Chronic Illness F*cking Sucks!

Sick and tired, tired and sick….I am so fed up of getting sinus infection after sinus infection, fed up of the chronic pain, fed up of the chronic fatigue..Just totally fed up of it all. I am fed up of having doctors not listen… Continue Reading “Chronic Illness F*cking Sucks!”

I give up. Chronic illness sucks..

Don’t even know where to start tonight. Been sat crying tonight, it was either that or punch walls but I don’t want another broken finger. I didn’t post yesterday because well I don’t think I had time. Only remember bits of what happened because… Continue Reading “I give up. Chronic illness sucks..”