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Braving the weather

This weekend most of the UK was hit by storm Dennis… we had a storm last Saturday as well. I’m getting fed up with such shitty weather. I’m so looking forward to the spring/summer. I much prefer being outside then stuck in all day….

A day in the life of a trans guy – Top Surgery

I’ve not posted anything in a while, I always think I have to be ‘in the right mood’ in order to be able to write a good post, but I realised that was just me being lazy and procrastinating. I decided I just need…

Time for some self care

Recently I’ve been busy doing things and making sure everyone is doing ok, but I’ve neglected myself a bit. I haven’t really done things to make myself happy, I haven’t spent much time alone, doing my own things. Don’t get me wrong I love…

Chronic pain and fatigue

Days like today just reinforces my limitations of daily life. Yesterday was great fun but today I could barely drag my body around. All my anger towards this illness surfaces on days like today and I’ve got to try and “deal/process” it which is…

Happy, content and refreshed

The mid week slump was much needed, I was totally wiped out by Wednesday afternoon and I had to stop everything I was doing and just sleep. I think that this in part has helped with my mood, I feel good, happy and refreshed….

Living my life to accommodate an illness I hate

I don’t know even where to start 1 because I am SO tired and 2 because I have scrappy doodles staring at me, which is kinda off putting. He wants to play but I’ve already played fetch since I got home earlier, he’s so…

Anger Issues and Great Friends

Sunday again..it seems to come around quicker every week and wow what a week it’s been. How would I describe this week? Well this week has been filled with high emotion, mainly anger and frustration, with a bit of crying and some happy days….

Zero energy as usual

Oh man I feel totally wiped out. It’s 7:30 pm and all I want to do is go to bed lol. But its too early just yet. Also I’m hungry, but don’t really fancy anything…Just been picking. So I saw my WG specialist Fri. Not…

friends, gaming and foxy dog

Um where to start…. Well I got up this morning and just slumped on the sofa for a bit, had breakfast etc.  Finally got my ass up and cleaned the flat (well Dyllan clean, its not spotless, I just don’t have the energy or…

Grey Monday, happy tanky :)

It has been another, cold, grey and rainy day! 😦 Where did the sun go? Woke up late-ish and sat about for a bit.  Cleaned up a bit. Then I had a package delivered… It was HUGE! I had NO idea what it was….