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A day in the life of a Trans guy – Hysteroscopy

I wouldn’t usually put a trigger warning on my blog, but this blog in particular could be triggering as it mentions a procedure in a private area and those with gender dysphoria may find it hard to read. Having said that I am writing… Continue Reading “A day in the life of a Trans guy – Hysteroscopy”

Day in a life of a trans guy -Transition update

I haven’t written a blog post on solely on my transition since August from the looks of things, I think because I’ve felt like things aren’t moving along as quickly as I want it too but also in the winter my motivation ebbs and… Continue Reading “Day in a life of a trans guy -Transition update”

A day in a life of a trans guy – Gender Identity Clinic

Woohoo 🙌🏻 I’m on the coach home! And it’s not raining hard, so glad I missed the downpour. Appointment at the gender clinic went really well, the doctor was super friendly, really nice and proactive. First of all she’s going to write to my… Continue Reading “A day in a life of a trans guy – Gender Identity Clinic”

Quick catch up – Big News

I haven’t posted for a while as my head hasn’t been in the best place for the last few months or so because I’ve been dealing with so much bullshit. But a few things have changed since the last time I posted, so things… Continue Reading “Quick catch up – Big News”

Let the good times roll – Things clicking into place

It’s Monday afternoon here right now and as I’m feeling OK and had a good weekend, I feel up to writing a new post. So Friday was good, I met L and the boys off the bus in the afternoon and I took the… Continue Reading “Let the good times roll – Things clicking into place”

Catching up again – Staying afloat

Once again its been about a month since I’ve written anything, it feels much longer though. I am going to try and write more regularly this month and hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of it again. I really enjoy writing and I’ve… Continue Reading “Catching up again – Staying afloat”

Anger Issues and Great Friends

Sunday again..it seems to come around quicker every week and wow what a week it’s been. How would I describe this week? Well this week has been filled with high emotion, mainly anger and frustration, with a bit of crying and some happy days.… Continue Reading “Anger Issues and Great Friends”

This journey sucks right now!

I don’t really have a lot to say, other then my mood is pretty low at the moment, mainly due to gender dysphoria and because I threw up last night…not sure what the cause was I’m just tired, emotionally drained. Like I need a… Continue Reading “This journey sucks right now!”

I hate my body!

Quick post as it is 10 pm and I don’t think I have much to write…but we will see. So I’ve had a pretty awesome day but that’s not the main reason for this post. This morning I did my housework and then met… Continue Reading “I hate my body!”

Recovering from depression, anxiety and disassociation

So I’ve haven’t written in a few days because I’ve just not been in the mood to write, well I’ve not really been in the mood to do anything at all. I’ve been in a real funk, I’ve been feeling mega anxious, totally disassociated… Continue Reading “Recovering from depression, anxiety and disassociation”