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Health update – New Med Regime – So far So Good

I haven’t posted for a while in detail about my  health issues and transition, so as I am sitting at the laptop downloading pictures and stuff I thought I would write about what’s been going on in a bit more detail. In January I… Continue Reading “Health update – New Med Regime – So far So Good”

Over did it – catch up

I’ve not posted for a week and that’s because I’ve been so busy, I haven’t really stopped until today. Its been great and I’ve been having a good time but I’ve totally over done it and I feel so awful today, so exhausted. I’ll… Continue Reading “Over did it – catch up”

Video blog – My Hobbies, Lego :)

Another video blog about my hobbies 🙂 I love Lego Peace out Batman

Rested and Centred boy

Well this Sunday has been pretty perfect and I really enjoyed some quality me time and quality time with my fur babies 🙂 it was much needed. I’m slowly recovering from the summer activities, which don’t get me wrong was amazing and so much… Continue Reading “Rested and Centred boy”

Chill day

I am feeling nice and relaxed and for once not in absolute agony! I’ve had a really nice day to myself, which I so needed. Can’t remember when the last time I had the whole day to myself was. Took some time to catch… Continue Reading “Chill day”

Some pictures of the past 2 weeks

  Cool Lego  Me and my gorgeous babies Chilling in bed with my furkids  My new shower stool, so helpful, love it.  Snuggles with Harley  More cool Lego 🙂  Foxy and Scrappy having snuggles  Happy foxy girl in bed 🙂 New Adventure time t-shirt,… Continue Reading “Some pictures of the past 2 weeks”

Dissociation from emotions

I am so so tired but everything is a lot less intense then it was yesterday, which I am very grateful for. Um where to start.. Slept well last night, woke up about 5 am though but managed to get back to sleep pretty… Continue Reading “Dissociation from emotions”


It’s been nearly a whole week since I have sat down to write properly, I usually like sitting down to write but this past week I’ve either been too tired or I’ve just not felt like it. I’m only writing tonight because I’m not… Continue Reading “Stuck”

Detached from emotions

Urgh I am so tired but I need to catch up, the longer I leave it the more I’ll need to catch up. Mon – Wow it seems to long ago now, I went back to bed in the morning because I was so… Continue Reading “Detached from emotions”

Really busy boy, been having great fun

Wow I’ve been so busy I’ve been too tired to update my journal. But I’ve been having great fun 🙂 I’ll just do a quick update. Thursday – Had group Thursday afternoon…it was ok-ish. I’m ended up leaving feeling really annoyed with the same… Continue Reading “Really busy boy, been having great fun”