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Happy boy :) catching up

Monday again! Last week was really busy and I was hoping to just chill all day today but I am currently on uncle duties watching lil Leo while my bro takes his gf to be sedated to have a tooth out. Leo is happily…

Dark passenger surfaces!

I have spent a considerable amount of time just staring blankly into the screen in hope I will be inspired..In hope my brain will make some sort of sense of today. Also been busy listening to Sia, totally obsessed with Chandelier and Breathe me….

Quiet, calm, mindful place….ah this is my bliss

To start with I am sat with just my laptop on, only this tab and another tab for youtube up. Phone and TV is OFF! Feeling really irritable this evening….I’m not sure why. Usually I multi-task while I’m writing and I’ll be on FB,…