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Counselling – Asking for help isn’t shameful

I went back to counselling sessions about 3/4 months ago now and I’ve found it to be really beneficial and has really helped me to process things I’ve been dealing with and has helped me unpick some real deep routed/ingrained stuff that I hadn’t… Continue Reading “Counselling – Asking for help isn’t shameful”

The darkness surrounds me

I wrote this last night, despite a nice day the darkness still takes a hold of me and I can’t shake it off You ever just feel like you’re a total inconvenience to everyone?! But it’s almost like they only stick around out of… Continue Reading “The darkness surrounds me”

Today sucked

Today sucked! I hate how sometimes a little change can cause such an extreme emotional reaction in me, it’s like I have no control over it and it just ruins the whole day. Rather then just accept the situation as it is, my brain… Continue Reading “Today sucked”

Trying to survived in a messed up system

Where to even start?! I suppose I’ll start with the GP appointment I had on Friday. I had written some notes down the night before so I could just hand it over to my new GP. It was hard to write as it made… Continue Reading “Trying to survived in a messed up system”

Mayday camping

So this May bank holiday weekend was LONG! Got to the camp site at about 7 pm and it took a few hours to get all the tents set up. It was a bit frustrating as some of the young people, weren’t listening etc.… Continue Reading “Mayday camping”

Disappointed, but at least the rain has cleared

I went to bed at a stupid hour last night, but woke up about 11 am, which is not too bad.  Just sat in my pjs for hours, watching CSI. But it was so nice and sunny out, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity… Continue Reading “Disappointed, but at least the rain has cleared”